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On this web-page I will provide list of collectibles that we are searching for. If you have something we are looking for or can get it, notify us and we will commence to seeing if we can arrange a deal that will make both parties happy. Also, browse our other pages and see if we might have something that your interested in and feel free to just send in your own offers. I feel it is best to let the customer make the first offer and go from there. That way if the initial offer needs some tweeking I have an idea of the direction I need to go in to get to a satisfactory deal or that the deal is to far off on both sides to work. But, by no means am I saying you have to make the first offer. Our goal is to make you and us both happy in the end. Thanks for helping us out...

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Last updated 8/5/97(started 5/1/97)

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