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Now, I donít think Iím a price gouger and I donít claim to be the perfect judge of what is price gouging, but I do not promote the extremely outrageous pricing by some people. I also ask that those of you out there help to keep me informed of not-so-trustworthy and I will do my best to keep such individuals ads from being posted. Also, if you have questions about someone you are considering a deal with, feel free to e-mail me with your questions and I will let you know if I have heard anything. And e-mail me with people you have dealt with before and that you would recommend. I am considering a page to list such people and there recommenders as well as a black list for just the oppisite. I will always try to hear both sides of the stories and judge to the best of my abilitiy if someone is just trying to deface someoneís character because of some personal vendetta. Let me know what you think. Now just e-mail me what your looking for or what you have to offer and I will post it up for you. I will try to mark new posting when I can. I also will acknowledge and mark good/great deals at my discretion. I will leave posting up for 1 month or so to start with. Depending on how many or how little(posting requests) I receive will determine if the length of time becomes more or less. I will do my best to post new requests every other day or post a notification when such is not the case. Also, I am not here on weekends, so e-mails received over the weekend will be posted Monday, possibly Tuesday. I will also date the posting according to when I receive them, not when I post them and unless I become aware that this is not the preferred method. Feel free to include HTML codes. I will judge whether or not your codes become excessive. I claim no responsibility for anyones actions or any trades that occur other than my own. Thanks Again...

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Last updated 8/5/97(started 5/1/97)

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